When words are working harder,
service just gets easier.

With so much service now being offered through digital channels, the written word has never been more important. Our training, managed services and consulting advice are helping our clients cut unnecessary contact, boost sales, improve service scores and stay 'on-brand'. Whether your word puzzle is responding to emails, bills, letters or allowing customers to help themselves through web FAQs and knowledge management articles — we're sure we can solve it.
email and social media direct messaging
Customers love email and for most contact centres it's second only to the phone in terms of popularity. UK sector analysts ContactBabel reckon that whilst the proportion of calls handled is shrinking, email is growing at 12% every year. What with the rise of social media direct messaging too the written word is a clear consumer preference when it comes to enquiries.
As well as refining what your advisors put in their responses to emails and direct messages we'll help you get your approach right too.
The results? You'll resolve more enquiries first time (saving you time and money), boost sales, improve satisfaction scores and stay on-brand.
Knowledge management content for your teams
Your knowledge management system (or online help section) will probably be the first place your advisors go when they need to find out something quickly.
If this content is incomplete or difficult to understand it creates problems, rather than solves them. Your advisors will sound like they don't know what they're talking about, calls will take longer. And, customers will go away with the wrong info and have to call back. All-in-all it will end up costing you time, money and you'll have some unhappy customers on your hands too.
We create knowledge management content that’s easy to find, comprehensive and simple to understand as well as pass on. 
Barclaycard improved enquiry resolution by 8% and customer satisfaction scores by 7%, after we wrote easy to understand knowledge management articles for advisors in their contact centres to use.
Letters, reminders, bills and welcome packs
Whether you send them via email, or on good old fashioned paper, we'll help you write communications that’ll get your message across quickly, clearly and in your own unique 'voice'.
We have a team with lots of service know-how who'll be happy to help you decide what your message should be too. So, you'll make the most of every customer communication.
What’s in it for you? Happier customers, fewer complaints — and less advisor and staff time spent clarifying things that should've been clear in the first place.
Websites — FAQs and knowlege management content
So, the latest consumer research shows that we're all self serving. Not necessarily selfish (though this might be true). But, we want to be independent when it comes to getting the information we need and fixing our own problems.
We write easy-to-understand FAQs and ‘How To’ guides to help you help your customers help themselves (that's a lot of help).
The benefits? Giving customers what they want, meaning better satisfaction and customer effort scores. And, saving the time and money it takes for agents and service staff to explain things again over the phone or in-store.