Audio that wins industry awards
year after year.

IVR phone automated service design, messages and music for call queues, in-store and environmental audio – they're things we get asked to work on most often. But, if you’ve something else in mind, just let us know. We've very talented people who'd love to take on your audio challenge.
IVR – phone automated
service design
Businesses like their IVRs as they mean fewer expensive agents to handle calls. But, their customers normally don't. Even more so if they're difficult to use and long winded.
We get asked to improve simple IVRs that route customers to agents with the right skills. And, complex ones like those that collect payments and provide account balances.
By taking a close look at the structure, wording and voices in your IVR, we'll create a user experience (UX) that’s clear, consistent and easy for customers to use.
In-queue messages and music for contact centres
You don't want to make your customers wait. But, your resource planning team aren't always going to be able to match the number of agents available with the number of calls coming in. And, sometimes agents are going to put callers on-hold whilst they go off and try to find answers or transfer them.
Many contact centres now have call back systems. Multiple line types from 'sales' to 'service'. The ability to tell customers how long wait times are likely to be. And, the facility to change what messages can be heard based on likely wait times. There's a lot more to queues than there used to be.
A supermarket bank cut call transfers by 2.9% after we worked with them to redesign the call routing application on their IVR phone automated system.
Phone in-queue messages and music for hotels, dealerships and shops.
There's always a busy time when someone can't get to the phone. And, when a customer is going to be put on-hold because you have to go and find something out. But, wait time can leave a very bad impression. And, when callers hang up because they've lost all patience, you'll lose valuable sales too.
We think that wait times are valuable communication opportunities that you can use to create a good impression, stop lost sales by making callers more prepared to hang on and even sell more by promoting other services, products and special offers.
In-store and environmental audio.
In-store and environmental audio can really make a difference to your hotels, dealerships, restaurants or shops. Good audio will not only add to and set the atmosphere, it'll actually alter the mood of your customers too.
Also, if your customers have to wait to be served, research shows that well chosen music shortens how long they feel they're waiting. Which could mean less lost sales if there are queues to pay or be served.
For some locations audio can also be a valuable opportunity to tell your customers more about products, services and too.